Waiting for my Muse

For Hieronymus Journal issue No.1, Irish novelist Eimear McBride has gifted us with a tale of literature, libraries and a journey into the “conduit to desire” that is her own, unique mind.

“The library set sail rafts of worlds in me. Places, people, times. And in common? At first to inhabit, only. I was greedy for their lives, for being all they were or living in their times. But slowly, slowly a broader idea began to dawn across my mind.”

© All pictures by Luca Zanier for Hieronymus

For our very first issue of Hieronymus Journal, we are enormously proud to have commissioned an original text by the young Irish author Eimear McBride. The winner of the Goldsmiths Prize and the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction for her 2013 debut novel A Girl is a Half-formed Thing, McBride has often been favourably compared to James Joyce for her broken, yet highly evocative writing style. To accompany this original essay, entitled Run, about her love of books and libraries, Hieronymus sent the Swiss photographer Luca Zanier to the Library of Trinity College in Dublin to shoot one of the world’s most beautiful temple of tomes.

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