The Hieronymus Journal


We are absolutely delighted to announce the launch of The Hieronymus Journal – a new periodic publication that gets to the heart of our central topic which has accompanied us since the beginnings of Hieronymus and is more relevant than ever: Mindspace.

In the firm belief that the analogue not only has a place in the age of digital reproduction, but is also essential to its balanced development – to our balanced development – we are delighted to announce the inaugural issue of The Hieronymus Journal.

The journal is a mindspace miscellany. It looks at both the mental and physical spaces that people seek out in order to dream and create real worlds from fantasy; the creative and constructive spaces where something can happen. It also explores the places we go to in order to reach the intense concentration and focus needed to generate extraordinary achievement.

This first issue includes original contributions commissioned from an inspiring array of writers, artists and photographers covering fashion, technology, the arts, sport and music: a beautiful essay on literary inspiration by the young Irish author Eimear McBride; an interview with composer Max Richter about his mental landscapes; a gravity-defying conversation with astronaut David Wolf about his adventures in Space; a tale of sub-zero endurance from the extraordinary freediver Johanna Nordblad; a story about finding oneself in Norway’s most gorgeous secret hideaway, and much more.

The Hieronymus Journal is published in the spirit of Hieronymus, a brand dedicated to the high culture of paper and writing that sees itself in comfortable symbiosis with digital media. The aim of the journal is to provide a platform for just such excellence in the written word and image – excellence that is born out of forward thinking, expressed in new and exciting ways. Each issue of The Hieronymus Journal will be published when it is ready, in-house at our Swiss HQ with the best inks on the finest of papers and print-finished to the highest standards. Good things take time and this first journal was over a year in the making because we believe good things are also worth waiting for and therefore all the more enjoyable when they arrive.

We think our readers will agree.

The first issue is limited to 500 copies, all numbered by hand and available exclusively at the Hieronymus Flagship Store in Zurich or online.